Coin Master – Battle, your way to success!

Coin Master World’s is the best top 10 game list which has been played by all age group. An interesting fact is that children enjoy the game more than adults while spinning the wheel and attack some other people villages. According to the survey, Coin Master Game had over 10000000 installs from Google play store for android one and also played in iOS. The game is very safe for children at age around 7 years because some facilities include.  You need some instruction to play the game. I will describe all the prominent points which help you to survive.

How Can We Play Easily?

1. All about Spin – Firstly, you always play the game because of to take some benefit from the spin which will get receive you every 60 minutes of the game. More importantly, if you want to move to a new village from the old one, you need 20 stars to upgrade the village structure. Finally, you may get from spin. Like, Hammer, pig face or so on.

2. New Structure of Village – If you have some coins after all spending, you do not keep remaining coins in your vault, and then your first work is that upgrade the village, first of all, you buy the shields for best protection against the hammer. This can be very helpful from any attacks as well for your village. Another method is that buy game cards for the best level up for your village and you can also share your social media platforms to receive cards when another player online and level up your village. These methods help you to work smartly and effectively against your enemies