Castle Clash – Guidelines for the beginners

In today’s article, I will describe my own experience. Castle Clash is all based on the town hall; it is the most significant building in the game as well defensive. Towers can easily damage enemy attackers, because some towers have strong (HP) per level.

In Addition, another important thing in the game is Vaults. It is the most valuable building in Castle Clash, because they store currency, such as, gold, mana, that can be acquired from mills and purchases in the shop.

Standardized Features – There are three types of towers available in the game, namely, arrow, magic, and cannon towers. Let’s discuss all the towers in briefly and how you can use these towers.

1. Arrow Towers – It can provide you strong offence by dealing high damage. It can be weak against swarms of small troops.

2. Magic Towers – It can provide you simple defense by dealing moderate damage to multiple targets.

3. Cannon Towers – It can provide specialized defense, by dealing with the area damage to multiple targets.

Traps – It is the most expendable buildings in Castle Clash. They are very effective for filling the blank spaces in a base. There are two types of traps available. Both don’t affect flying units.

1. Bomb Traps – It deals area damage to any enemy troop

2 .Hero Traps – It deals 10% max HP to any heroes in range.

You have to know that, troops can be used in some situations; it will allow heroes to activate their skills.