Smart Playing Manual for the New Players in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a well-known game for action lovers, and the game is full of deadly heroes. The game is released by Moonton on 11 July 2016. It is specially designed for the android and IOS mobile device. The gamers can fetch the game by the Google store or official game website. In the gameplay, you are facing various challenges for achievements and collect resources for unlocking new weapons. The game provides some chances for customizing the heroes. In the game diamonds are prime currency and we should manage the high amount of it. The currency collection is not handy for all, so most of the players prefer the Mobile Legends Hack 2019. This hack is secure and suitable for a free amount of currency.

If you are a beginner, then you should get proper guidance about the gameplay. In this article, we are helping you for playing long in the game.

Real-time battles

Battles are an enjoyable factor of the game, and most of them are based on real-time. In the battles, we can communicate with friends and battles. Such matches are only for 10 minutes so we can test our fighting skills.

Victory by teammates

Make a strong squad for playing, and your teammates are good for getting the achievements. Select the powerful members for a team and he must of fully skilled for smashing the enemies.

Earn diamonds and battle points

Battles point and diamonds are the most important currencies of the game. A big amount of the currency is helpful for leveling up, so you need to focus on both. Unlock chests for getting more resource and currency.

2 quick tips regarding who viewed my Instagram

Today, Instagram has become a popular platform in all over the internet. It is the biggest platform for connecting with your friends. On the other hand, some people are not using the application because they feel insecure about the application. Well, if you have a fear of your privacy of Instagram at that time, it is essential to know some facts. There are some basic facts that are essential to keep in mind, and you can clear your doubts also.

You can know who viewed my Instagram profile and bio. On the other hand, some people are checking your pictures and videos that you posted on your profile. We have come here to give you two quick tips for verifying the identity of the person who views your profile.

Tips to know: –

Use Instagram like a pro – Hey, if you want to make your Instagram pro at that time, it is essential to know some facts. You can download some applications for getting the benefits for your profile and take advantages for your profile. You can protect your picture like a pro and get important information about private accounts with the help of applications. With this, you can get more attention from the people and check who stalks your profile.

Add unique fonts – There are some people those are using unique fonts on their Instagram profile to catch more attention of people. You can follow the same trick to get additional benefits to your profile and know who viewed my Instagram profile.

Learn How to Choose Your MIDI Keyboard?


So you are in search of the best MIDI keyboard for you. Well, it’s good for you but for the same search you require to know all essential things and factors that help you in buying the most appropriate MIDI keyboard. Here in the post you are provided with the best and most useful information about the same device and in order to buy the best keyboard controller you have to make use of the same information properly.

The first thing which you should know is that, a MIDI keyboard is piano-style musical keyboard which operates electronically. The MIDI keyboard comes in various types and you can simply buy any type from various online sources as well as form the market also. A portable midi keyboard contains lots of buttons, sliders and wheels on it which are especially for sending the signals to other device which is connected to it with another MIDI protocol.

Key things to consider when buying a portable keyboard controller

Below are the main things described with you that you have to consider when going to purchase the best and most appropriate MIDI keyboard for you.

·         Extra features – it is the main thing among all to look for, you have to buy that keyboard controller which provide you with numerous classic features.

·         Number of keys – yes, you also have to look for the number of keys when buying a MIDI keyboard.

Therefore, these are some major things that you should keep in mind when going to purchase a portable midi keyboard.

Ways of navigating rocket jumping in pixel gun 3D game


In the process of playing the pixel gun 3D hack, you will be required to jump into high spaces in order to go to the higher props and escape certain detrimental attacks. This is the reason for rocket jumping, some of the attacks can be very detrimental to your health state, and thus you do not want to be bombarded with attacks until you die. Rocket jumping is therefore a technique, which works mostly in the area damage weapons. It helps you to get to high props and subsequently avoid certain attacks. So that this can be successful, you need to:

Acquire area damage weapon where the rocket jumping will work, after doing so you just need to hold it and it will fly to the higher grounds. For the rocket, jumping to work you must take the area damage weapon to a place suitable for rocket jumping. The rocket will fly in the sky up to where you want so that you may escape certain attacks.

Look down to where you are going to land. You will not need to fly with the rocket all the time you will need to alight at some point of the game so that you may continue with the attack, therefore look down to where you are going to land and to make sure that the attacks doesn’t reach you as they may lead to you dying.

Once you have noticed the area, which you want to disembark with from the rocket you, ought to jump and fire at your enemies that is the zombies. Fire at them while in midair so that you may not remain still and thus send a massive attack on you.

Make sure while landing that you are landing on an obstacle. This is to ensure that you are protected from the attacks of the zombies. If you land in an open place that will make the zombies to attack you mercilessly until you die. The obstacle acts as a shield from the attacks you are going to receive.

3 advantages of using Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera

A camera is that thing which is useful for several aspects. Here one can capture some funny moments for entertainment; whereas one can take the use of a camera for making the vlog. Through all these aspects you need to buy the best camera with some authentic features. For this, you can buy the Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera. It is a leader of the video world because it has a decent quality of shooting a video. The camera is becoming popular among the professional and hobbyist videographers. It is small in size, which leads to easy to carry anywhere. If you want to know more about it then read Panasonic Lumix GH5 review.


When it comes to positions, so using this camera leads to having perfect images and videos. Some of the benefits are:

Easy to carry

As the camera is small in size, it means one can easily take anywhere. There is no need to think about making the space to carrying the camera. One can easily carry it in the bag with limited space. Through this, you can capture some happy life moment and enjoy the journey.


When we use the camera, most of the time, it generates some confusion in controlling. But in this camera, you will not confuse in controlling because of its body. As the size is small so one can easily control it and get the best image.


The battery life is perfect; it means you need to charge then for once and after that, you can easily use it more than 24 hours.

Thus, these are some advantages of the Panasonic Lumix GH5. So, buy the camera and enjoy the moments.

Coin Master – Battle, your way to success!

Coin Master World’s is the best top 10 game list which has been played by all age group. An interesting fact is that children enjoy the game more than adults while spinning the wheel and attack some other people villages. According to the survey, Coin Master Game had over 10000000 installs from Google play store for android one and also played in iOS. The game is very safe for children at age around 7 years because some facilities include.  You need some instruction to play the game. I will describe all the prominent points which help you to survive.

How Can We Play Easily?

1. All about Spin – Firstly, you always play the game because of to take some benefit from the spin which will get receive you every 60 minutes of the game. More importantly, if you want to move to a new village from the old one, you need 20 stars to upgrade the village structure. Finally, you may get from spin. Like, Hammer, pig face or so on.

2. New Structure of Village – If you have some coins after all spending, you do not keep remaining coins in your vault, and then your first work is that upgrade the village, first of all, you buy the shields for best protection against the hammer. This can be very helpful from any attacks as well for your village. Another method is that buy game cards for the best level up for your village and you can also share your social media platforms to receive cards when another player online and level up your village. These methods help you to work smartly and effectively against your enemies

Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Hill Climb Racing 2 Players

To play Hill Climb Racing 2 in an appropriate manner, one has to require some good, or you can say effective tips or tricks. Also, with the tips and tricks, they should know that currency in the game is present in 2 forms that are coins and diamonds. Therefore, they also have to earn both of them in a good amount as to perform all essential tasks in Hill Climb Racing 2. Not only is this, player are provided with classic features such as in-app purchases feature, lots of events and many more vehicles also.

3 tips and tricks for Hill Climb Racing 2 players

Its’ time to go through the 3 effective tips or tricks of Hill Climb Racing 2 which every single player must know. So, below are those 3 tips and tricks given –

1.       Choose the best vehicle – The best tip for all Hill Climb Racing 2 users is that they only have to choose the best and the fast vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2. They should that vehicle that is fast among all others.

2.       Learn the controls properly – Also, they have to know that to win all races in Hill Climb Racing 2 they should learn all the racing, or you can say playing controls properly.

3.       Make a high score – Also, the best tip for the players is that they have to score high in all matches. The more they score high in Hill Climb Racing 2, the more amount of currency they earn.

So, all these are the best 3 tips and tricks for the user of Hill Climb Racing 2 which they have to sue when playing. Also, they are free to make use of hill climb racing 2 hack to get everything in the game such as coins, diamonds, rewards and even vehicles also.

Things we need to know about Hill Climb Racing 2! Few shared in the article

There are many things which we should know about everything we use in our life. Make the right use of the things we use in life by knowing its ins and outs. It same goes for the gaming section also. We all know that games are vital for our mental health, and it provides a decent amount of fun which we all needed in life. Hill Climb Racing 2 is also an excellent game to play on mobile phones home alone.  The game is all about racing, and we can do wonders in this game using some extra gears to speed up our vehicles in the game. The game is quite easy to play, but if you it find difficult you may use the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats to dominate the racing game.

Features of the game are shown below to throw light on the topic. Know every secret of the game by just reading this article.


The game includes a customization option to upgrade things and equipment in the game. You can improve items in the options box anytime you wanted to upgrade. Customization provides various options like upgrading vehicles along with some other essential gears. All the vital gears can be replaced with the new ones to give a boost to your race.

Color and location of the levels

Everyone always loves racing games, but if the stages of the car racing games provide lovely looking sights in the game, then it increases the charm of the game so much. We all love to see lustrous bright-looking graphics in the sports and Hill climb Racing 2 provides all the essential features. Use Hill climb Racing 2 cheats for the best features in the game.

Tips and tricks to play Garena Free Fire

There are a huge number of action games in the gaming market. So if you are thinking of playing one of them then make sure you try Garena Free Fire as well. Once you play the game, there is no other game you will play. It is one of the best and most addictive games you can find in the play store of your phone. The reasons behind having a huge demand is there are a huge number of people playing the game and enjoy their free time as well. Along with this, about 49 other players are playing the match with you, so it eventually makes the game interesting. There are many things in the game you need to consider to play the game in the right way. Here let us tell you some of them without wasting any more time.

Weapon combination

Have you started playing Garena Free Fire? If yes then you must know there are a huge number of weapons in the game you can find while playing. So if you want to win the match then it I really important that you have the right weapon combination and scopes. The reason behind this is it will help you to play the game in a better way. Along with this make sure you choose the one which you can easily use. This will help you gain more and more experience while playing the game. Along with this if you choose the ones who use the same bullets, and then you can easily have a huge number of bullets and kill easily.

Armors and defense

Along with the guns and bombs, there are many other things in the game you need like helmets, vests, and medkits. It is really important that you have the right amount of them to help you at the time of need also you can by using Garena Free Fire Cheats. Along with this make sure the level of the armors is high so that it can reduce the damage you will get. Eventually, you can live longer and kill a huge number of other players.

Features of the SimCity Buildit game and things to download the game!

We all love to play games on mobile phones to get rid of the daily stress of our lives. Nowadays elder to younger ones everybody loves to play games on mobile phones. Google and iOS platforms do wonders in making new games every day. SimCity Buildit is one of the best games available on both the platforms of mobile phones. The game is all about making good cities and earns more and more points. For instant points and coins off the game, use SimCity buildit Hack to receive things in the game.


The vital aspect of the game is to construct the building in the city you want to establish with efforts and game money. Use all the accessories to make cities unusual construct good buildings like hospitals garages, railways stations, bus stands, and so on. Try to build all the necessary building which big cities should have to accommodate.


Demolishing things and building in the game is also another essential feature of the game, which is quite necessary to do in the game. Demolishing your building provides a decent amount of new coins by upgrading the buildings. First, build a building and then try to destroy to make the city updated.  This process will give so many coins and gems which you needed to lead the game. The method of building things can also be done with the help of SimCity Buildit Hack in the game.